Energy Management Awards set for April Next Year!!

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One of the greatest challenges faced by companies in their quest to become more competitive in Uganda’s liberalized and globalized economy is the ever rising costs of energy. Industries or enterprises accrue these costs due to utilization of inefficient equipment like motors, pumps, boilers and lighting, poor maintenance practices and lack of energy monitoring systems.

While some companies try to offset these costs through achieving higher and higher profits or reducing on staff costs, their efforts are at times inadequate. This is because actual work needs to go into more efficient use of energy in order to more easily check the rising costs.

Recent studies conducted by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development show that most companies in Uganda do not integrate energy management measures into their operational structure. This is predominantly because of a lack of awareness. Many energy managers are not aware that an average company can save 10% to 20% of its energy costs by implementing energy saving measures. These measures not only reduce on energy consumption for these companies, they also save money and help in climate change mitigation.

The Energy Management Awards

In a bid to encourage large, medium and small scale companies, to use their electricity more efficiently, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and GIZ Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme, with technical assistance from the Sustainable Use of Natural Resource Energy Finance – SUNREF and the Uganda Manufacturers Association, are introducing the Energy Management Awards (EMAs).

The EMAs seek to recognize companies that have made significant effort and systematic attempts towards efficient use of electricity and have achieved substantial results through implementing energy management within their facilities. These awards will be held annually starting from April, 2018.

Who can participate in the Programme

All large, medium  and small scale enterprises and industries that are involved in the production of goods can register  to participate in the EMAs. Institutions of higher learning, such as Universities, as well as other large scale facilities like hotels and hospitals, are also welcome to participate.

Categories of the Awards

 The Award is categorized into;

  1. Energy Award 2017, Best Energy Champion of the Year
  2. Energy Award 2017, Best Energy Management Practices
  3. Energy Award 2017, Electricity Savings Award (Industrial Large, Industrial Medium and Industrial Small)
  4. Energy Award 2017, Fuel Savings Award (Industrial Large, Industrial Medium and Industrial Small)
  5. Energy Award 2017,Service Sector Award (Hotels, Universities, commercial building)

 Process of Energy Management Awards

  1. Interested companies shall express interest to participate in the Awards by contacting the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development on the address below.
  2. The Technical Committee at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development shall evaluate the Expression of Interest and inform the companies which will have qualified to participate in the Awards.
  3. Participants shall be trained on how to complete the assessment tools
  4. Participating companies shall fill in the entry form and assessment tools that will be submitted to them.
  5. Verification visits will then be conducted by the evaluation committee, prior to evaluations being
  6. An award Gala will be held for participating companies to recognize winners and runners-up.

How your organisation stands to benefit.

Participating companies will benefit by reducing their energy consumption and lowering energy bills. The best companies in this competition will be given an Energy Management Award and shall gain recognition nationally as well as improve on their visibility on national level. The Energy Management Award scheme has been formulated knowing that the improvement of energy management within the organization should be a result of a self-motivated effort influenced by the competitive advantage of the organization

How to get involved

Registration forms and the EMA Assessment Tool can be accessed here;

or  from

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development

Amber House, Plot 29/33, Kampala Road

P.O.Box 7270, Kampala-Uganda

Tel: +256 414 234 733


Office: 2nd Floor B202

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